There are many reasons that teeth may need to be removed. In some cases teeth are removed without the presence of disease to help avoid future problems. This is the case when teeth are removed for orthodontic needs and often with removal of wisdom teeth. Allen Dental works very closely with multiple specialists giving us the opportunity to aid in these types of treatment plans regularly. There are also times that teeth can no longer be restored to their natural shape and function and need to be removed due to decay, trauma, or periodontal disease. At Allen Dental we love to restore teeth, however when teeth are too broken down or there is another cause that warrants a tooth to be removed we are trained to help. The key to making your experience the best it can be is putting your comfort first. Extractions are no longer painful procedures. We utilize powerful numbing agents that allow us to remove teeth with little or no discomfort. Being able to achieve this level of anesthesia helps us to give you comfort during a time when your emotions may be running high. We also strongly believe that discussing future treatment needs before removing a tooth is essential. By creating a plan we are able to replace lost teeth in the best way possible. After every tooth is removed we give instructions on how to care for you and for the area where the tooth was extracted. At Allen Dental our goal is to keep all permanent teeth (excluding wisdom teeth), but we also know some conditions create situations when removing a tooth or teeth is the best option.